The Infinite Multisport Triathlon Club is a group of Triathletes and Duathletes of all ages, and walks of life, created to further the sport of Triathlon.  We meet monthly and hold social events and training sessions throughout the year.  We promote safe training and encourage all members to train at their level and enjoy the benefits of healthy living. 

We have many training locations, but often train at Stoney Creek, Kensington, and Island Lake and have training options most days throughout the year.

While we have many seasoned racers, we are always looking for new members and new athletes looking to try the sport of Triathlon and Duathlon. The goal of the club is to provide training activities, mutual support, friendly competition, experience, and camaraderie for all our athletes as well as having a social side for the club members. We are a not-for-profit organization run solely by volunteers. The club is committed to the goals of all athletes, be it Veteran or Newbie, sprint racer or Ironman.


Infinite Multisport was founded in October 2005. After two previous clubs disappeared there were five members sitting around a kitchen table and decided rather than just continuing as training buddies, we would form a new club. At the November 2005 meeting, there were about 100 names thrown out there, some funnier than others (Total Multisport, Team Enigma, Team Meteor, Mitten Multisport, Skyward, Threshold, Bionic, Tri-Social Club - not to be confused with TSC or Tractor Supply Company...). In the end, Jeff and Sue came up with Infinite Athletics and that soon became Infinite Multisport.  The rest is history and currently we have 280+ members.

By early 2006 we were incorporated with the State of Michigan and formed as a 501(c)(7) with the IRS. The first formal board was elected at the February 2006 meeting, and those meetings were held in a smoky upstairs room at Hatchy's Bar in downtown Utica. It didn't take long to outgrow that room and we later adopted Rochester Mills Beer Co as our new home.  

We are 100% run by volunteerism and continue to strive to be a club for all athletes - newbies or vets, sprint or Iron, swimmer or cyclist (nobody really enjoys running, do they?).