How to Purchase

To order items, please contact Steve Szuber or Sandra Leonard at their info below:

Merchandising Coordinator Men: Steve Szuber
Merchandising Coordinator Women: Sandra Leonard

Some items may require advanced payment and have specific pickup requirements. The burden to meet these requirements falls solely on the individual member seeking to purchase the item. Please contact the Merchandise Coordinator for further information.

We do not ship merchandise, please contact one of the coordinators above to receive your items. The links below are intended to show the gear and quantities available.

Returns and Exchanges

IMTC is a formed as a Michigan Corporation and as a 501(c)(7) with the IRS (Not for Profit Social Club) and is run entirely by volunteers. In this respect, the club carries the entire financial burden in regards to merchandise.

Personalized items that contain the club name, logo and/or sponsors cannot be returned to vendors for a refund. Please try on all merchandise to ensure proper fitting before purchase. If you are unable to do so at time of purchase, inspect all gear thoroughly before wearing. Merchandise that has been worn, cannot be returned.

Exchange for a different size will only occur when merchandise is returned unworn, with tags attached, and in original packaging, if applicable.