Been a while...

And here we are at the end of the Multisport season already...  It was 94 yesterday for the Taco Tuesday ride so summer is holding on, but most of the Tri's around southeast Michigan are in the books and we're looking forward to seeing athletes race at Kona, IM Louisville, IM Florida, IM Arizona, and of course the Detroit Marathon.

It's been a great summer for training, not too hot and plenty of wind to challenge us on rides, but of course it goes so quick.  Looking back, the Taco Tuesday rides have been fantastic, but centered around stronger riders - we'll need to focus on a 2nd or 3rd group to get more folks out to these rides and maybe move them around to Island Lake/Kensington once in a while.  Wednesday open water swims have been great as well, with plenty of folks in the water each week and the monthly SBR, Grill&Chills have been a lot of fun.  The annual summer picnic was huge, more people than ever and our sponsors were fantastic in providing a ton of stuff for give-aways.  The Kids Tri was our biggest ever as well, with 74 kids racing - if you've never seen that mayhem you are missing out on the greatest event of the year!

Our September meeting was well attended and all us Tri-Geeks couldn't wait to see all the offerings the Garmin Rep had to show off.  We're now working on a group purchase option to get that new stuff onto your wrists.

Sept 2017 meeting.jpg

February 2017 Board Meeting

Most of the board was able to gather for the meeting.  Present were Paul L., Sandy, Kevin Z., Michelle, John, Theron, Steve, Brandy.

Reviewed Kick-Off party good and bad.  Overall success, food and parking an issue for some.  Bingo enjoyed, door prizes liked.  Spent into treasury - cost to attend was $15/person, real costs were closer to $44/person.  While enjoyable, likely not to repeat with that type of deficit.  "The Hub" is open in Auburn Hills now and might make for a good option in 2018.

Discussed website and review needed - plenty of new info and partners added, need to review for accuracy and changes needed.  Add results link and button for member only area.  Meeting speakers - roller races in February, Aquaman in March, perhaps Clint Verran in April.  Room at The Mills has been reserved for year, although they may always cancel now and again.  

Frost Fest upcoming.  3 and 6 mile option, self timed.  No medals, cookies and other stuff planned, along with nachos and beer.  Feb 19th.  Michelle to invite and track attendees.  Dog run and beer mile discussed, not April, seems to soon since last one.  So perhaps Oct/Nov again.  Rock CF Half Marathon, lots running - will have tents, heat, food, beer at start finish line.

Partners - Added Rolf Prima wheels, Walloon Lake Tri, and a few others.  Kevin to check into Grand Rapids Tri.  Most that have used Honey Stinger love the taste.  Perhaps look into Running Fit races.  

100 Park Passes were sold, none remaining.  156 members paid to date.  Need an update to renew membership.  Clothing - arm warmers, gloves, white hats needed.  Pom Beanies expected in March.  Tri-Suits should be here soon and we'll be able to start distribution at February meeting.

August 6th tentative date for picnic/kids triathlon.

Mentoring program discussed as way to help newer athletes that have questions/concerns.  Kevin and John will be working to implement.

This Week in Tri

Hi Everyone –

Been a while since we’ve had a weekly update… we’ll get back on track!  As always, if you’ve been out racing, please take a moment to share your race results so we can celebrate your efforts.  You can use this form and it only takes a moment:

January Polar Bear Challenge – Together we run over 7100 miles for the month and 45 members got over the 100 mile mark for the month!  Congratulations to everyone you braved the elements and got out there to log those miles.  Some serious #’s for the longest distances:  

  • ·         Kevin Zepp – 310 miles
  • ·         George Harris – 263
  • ·         Leon Niebrzydowski – 224
  • ·         Bill Ogden – 200.01
  • ·         Paul Kozak – 170.33
  • ·         Amy Beaulac – 204.60 miles
  • ·         Shannon Crone – 203.60
  • ·         Martha Childs – 200
  • ·         Tracy Mitchell – 163
  • ·         Michelle Trachsel – 143.73

February Polar Bear Challenge – We are already over 3200 miles collectively!  Keep up the good work and remember the goal is 300 miles for the month.  If you haven’t started logging yet, there is plenty of the month left.  Log-on and getting pedaling:   Also, don’t forget you can join Kevin at Lifetime Fitness Shelby for a 3 hour spin class each Saturday in February from 11-2pm – you don’t have to be a member.

Perhaps a bit late… Hope everyone had a great time at the Kickoff Party, I know I did!  Shout out to our partners at Fraser Bike, Hanson’s Running Shop, Tri to Finish, Epic Races, Back to the Beach Races, Honey Stinger, and The Athletes Palate for the Enerex Supplements! 

Special thanks to Ron at Fraser Bike and Keith at Hanson’s Running Shop for going above and beyond this year with their contributions! 

February Meeting – Next Wednesday, February 15th at Rochester Mills, 730pm.  We might move up the time a bit, so watch for updates, because we are planning some Roller Races at the pub for the night.  If you need a refresher on what to expect:  

We have just added Rolf Prima Wheel Systems to our partner list.  Check out their products, all hand made in Eugene, OR, at:   Up to 63% off various wheel sets.  Check your member letter for the details: 

Recent Race Results: 

Addison Oaks Fat Bike:

  • ·         Dave Tholen – 1:13:25, 9th AG

NDN Half Marathon:

  • ·         Elaine Widzinski – 2:29:57, 11th AG

Disney Dopey Challenge (5K, 10K, Marathon):

  • ·         Mike Hubbard – bad ass!

Uphill/Downhill Snowshoe Race:

  • ·         Sandra Leonard – 1st AG!
  • ·         Paul Leonard – 1st AG!

Bigfoot Snowshoe Race 5K:

  • ·         Sandra Leonard – 9th AG
  • ·         Bonnie Quinn – 24th AG

Bigfoot Snowshoe Race 10K:

  • ·         Leon Niebrzydowski – 1:16:12, 5th AG
  • ·         John Fleming – 1:37:07, NDFL, finish with one shoe on and carrying the other!
  • ·         Simon Iregbu – 1:07:53, 5th AG
  • ·         Paul Leonard

Lifetime Indoor Tri Shelby:

  • ·         Mercy Zepp
  • ·         David Szczepanski
  • ·         Richard Doak
  • ·         Andy Krochmal
  • ·         Michelle Trachsel
  • ·         Amy Watson
  • ·         Margaret Barawskas
  • ·         Pat DeLeon
  • ·         Paul Kozak
  • ·         Ben Reyff
  • ·         Joe Burns
  • ·         Jennifer Headley
  • ·         Rich Merrow
  • ·         Jackie Brown
  • ·         Ken Herrington
  • ·         Jennifer Marschall

OPC Indoor Tri:

  • ·         Alex Sprowitz – 1st AG!
  • ·         Kristin Pitcairn – 1st AG!

Congratulations Everyone!  Have a great week!




Kick-Off Party 2017 Wrap-UP

It was wonderful to see so many club members downtown on Saturday night.  While it was not without issue, the party went off great and a good time was had by all.

Since the club began in 2005 we have had various version's of holiday parties and eventually moved out of December and into January and re-branded as Kick-Off Parties - to kick-off the new year and new season, talk about what we have planned for the next year and relive some of the great times of the past year.  We have had sit down dinners coupled with feather bowling, pizza and open bar parties coupled with roller races, banquet style parties, and even a Mongolian BBQ night.  So, kick-off 2017 we tried something new.  There was no-way to anticipate travel downtown would be problematic and that there would be comedians scheduled at Cobo and monster trucks at Ford Field.  Because of those, the parking attendants of course raised prices based on demand, another issue out of our control.

We thought we could control food.  We planned, ordered, and paid for food based on 125 people.  We had 112 people scheduled to attend and about 104 made it in the end.  Nonetheless, there still was not enough food.  We tried our best to work with the venue and the best they could provide was pretzel bites and chicken wings - I know, not the greatest, but something was better than nothing.  Again, my apologies to anyone that did not get their fair share of food for the evening - hopefully the door prizes and other give-aways made up for it.

In regards to the give-aways, special thanks to Sandy and Bonnie for working the tails off to get those boxes put together and to help with everything inside.  Also, a big shout out to Fraser Bike and Hanson's Running shop for the gift certificates that we were able to include for everyone - they put out a nice chuck off $$ to cover all those.

Also have to thank Tri to Finish, Epic Races, X-Terra, Back to the Beach, and The Athletes Palate for all their donations for the extra give-aways.  We greatly appreciate the additional support now and in all the past years.

Special thanks to all the board members for your contributions and help.  Seemed like everyone had a great time with the IMTC Member Bingo as well ;-)

November Board Meeting

Board members present: Paul, Sandy, Michelle, Steve, Theron, Eric, John, Kevin T.

Discussion topics:

  • Future general meetings: Nov - Hanson's Royal Oak.  Dec - Location unknown, speaker Emily Rock CF.
  • Honey Stinger - New partner for nutrition products.  Some issues, need to be worked out with HS before we go live.
  • Zwift group rides over the winter.  Beer Luck run, New Years Eve morning. Run Like the Dickens.  Marathon Hotel Room.  
  • Women for Tri Grant Status - 3 upcoming clinics.  
  • New website review.  Needs some tweaks, but good.
  • Saturday's - Run Detroit runs.  Thursday's - Trainer rides at Johns.  Pool listings onto website.
  • Kick-Off Party - We are behind, need venue ASAP.  Would prefer to try something other than sit-down dinner this year.  Fowling, Detroit.  Detroit Curling Club.  Cornhole.  House party.  Port Authority.  Big Buck Brewery (when reopen?).  Granite City downtown.  Hop Cat.
  • Polar Bear Challenges.  100 mile running January, 300 mile bike February, 17500 meters swimming March.  Also, USAT challenge running somewhat concurrent - promote as well.

Doggie Fun Run and 3rd Annual Beer Mile

In what turned out to be a spectacular day about 15 dogs and their humans showed up to partake in the fun this year.  The prez backed down from his traditional 10k option and settled for 3rd in the 5K run, even with Rene' pulling like a sled dog the entire time.  Newcomer Josh Rickaby took the 5K with and Ethan was just behind for 2nd place.  Great time was had by all!  Lisa and her cronies worked hard and cooked up some great brunch options for everyone to enjoy.

Not too long afterwards the shenanigans began and the beer mile got underway.  Dan Welch shot out after his first beer to a commanding lead that he would not give-up, ultimately breaking the club record by 1 second.