February 2017 Board Meeting

Most of the board was able to gather for the meeting.  Present were Paul L., Sandy, Kevin Z., Michelle, John, Theron, Steve, Brandy.

Reviewed Kick-Off party good and bad.  Overall success, food and parking an issue for some.  Bingo enjoyed, door prizes liked.  Spent into treasury - cost to attend was $15/person, real costs were closer to $44/person.  While enjoyable, likely not to repeat with that type of deficit.  "The Hub" is open in Auburn Hills now and might make for a good option in 2018.

Discussed website and review needed - plenty of new info and partners added, need to review for accuracy and changes needed.  Add results link and button for member only area.  Meeting speakers - roller races in February, Aquaman in March, perhaps Clint Verran in April.  Room at The Mills has been reserved for year, although they may always cancel now and again.  

Frost Fest upcoming.  3 and 6 mile option, self timed.  No medals, cookies and other stuff planned, along with nachos and beer.  Feb 19th.  Michelle to invite and track attendees.  Dog run and beer mile discussed, not April, seems to soon since last one.  So perhaps Oct/Nov again.  Rock CF Half Marathon, lots running - will have tents, heat, food, beer at start finish line.

Partners - Added Rolf Prima wheels, Walloon Lake Tri, and a few others.  Kevin to check into Grand Rapids Tri.  Most that have used Honey Stinger love the taste.  Perhaps look into Running Fit races.  

100 Park Passes were sold, none remaining.  156 members paid to date.  Need an update to renew membership.  Clothing - arm warmers, gloves, white hats needed.  Pom Beanies expected in March.  Tri-Suits should be here soon and we'll be able to start distribution at February meeting.

August 6th tentative date for picnic/kids triathlon.

Mentoring program discussed as way to help newer athletes that have questions/concerns.  Kevin and John will be working to implement.