Been a while...

And here we are at the end of the Multisport season already...  It was 94 yesterday for the Taco Tuesday ride so summer is holding on, but most of the Tri's around southeast Michigan are in the books and we're looking forward to seeing athletes race at Kona, IM Louisville, IM Florida, IM Arizona, and of course the Detroit Marathon.

It's been a great summer for training, not too hot and plenty of wind to challenge us on rides, but of course it goes so quick.  Looking back, the Taco Tuesday rides have been fantastic, but centered around stronger riders - we'll need to focus on a 2nd or 3rd group to get more folks out to these rides and maybe move them around to Island Lake/Kensington once in a while.  Wednesday open water swims have been great as well, with plenty of folks in the water each week and the monthly SBR, Grill&Chills have been a lot of fun.  The annual summer picnic was huge, more people than ever and our sponsors were fantastic in providing a ton of stuff for give-aways.  The Kids Tri was our biggest ever as well, with 74 kids racing - if you've never seen that mayhem you are missing out on the greatest event of the year!

Our September meeting was well attended and all us Tri-Geeks couldn't wait to see all the offerings the Garmin Rep had to show off.  We're now working on a group purchase option to get that new stuff onto your wrists.

Sept 2017 meeting.jpg